Surf and Spanish Package Print

A fun way to add a little Latin flavor to your surfing vacation is to learn Spanish! Each day, you’ll have 4 hours of Spanish instruction with native Spanish speaking, certified teachers. Since you’re on vacation, we’ll split it up with 2 hours of serious classroom instruction and 2 hours of fun Spanish labs, which may include playing games, hiking to waterfalls, playing reporter, having debates and translating music, all while speaking and learning Spanish.

We have a specialized curriculum, developed by our very own Spanish teachers with Master’s degrees in education, linguistics and teaching foreign languages. Our 4 workbooks service up to 6 levels of Spanish education (depending on quantity and proficiencies of current students). We’ll send you a proficiency exam 2 weeks before your arrival to place you properly.

Although sometimes making it tougher to attend, our Spanish courses begin every 2 weeks. In this way, after you begin our program, new students are integrated at most 1 time in a 4 week stay. The consistency of class levels and students means less distraction and more effective learning. Less time slowing down for newbies to catch up and more time concentrating on new material!

Each day, you’ll surf for 2 hours and take Spanish for 4 hours. The timing depends on the tides since surfing is always best at high tide. If surfing is in the morning, Spanish is in the afternoon and vice versa.

Surf and Spanish Retreats include:

· 6 nights of accommodation, Su-Sa

· 2 hours of surfing class, M-F

· 2 hours of Spanish class, M-F

· 2 hours of Spanish lab, M-F

· Waterfall Hike

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